Community management agency

Become a star for your community and improve the Brand Preference ! Mediatrium creates marvelous contents for blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Linked IN ! 

Digital PR & Influence Marketing

Become the best friend of Youtube, blogs and instagram influencers. Be recommanded to get more traffic, more awareness and more sales.

Social media contests

Get more leads and complete your DATAS. Mediatrium creates incredible contests to make your community happy. 

Social ads

Increase your sales and awareness quickly with targeted advertising and behavioral retargeting campaigns. Mediatrium manages Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram, Google ads et retargeting.

Who we are

Mediatrium is a digital and social media agency in Paris, France, created in 2009 by Lionel Kaplan. We like people, share passions, tweet in the grass and pin wonderful designs. But we are real. You can meet us in real life, really. That makes a lot of « real » in only one paragraph. We are crazy. But kindly crazy. Not too much. Just to be more creative. If you worry about that, just think that all the french people are crazy. You already knew this.

But what we do is very serious as well. True results.